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About Vanessa…

Q. What days do you work ?
A. I work at Pretty In Ink Tattoo every second weekend ring the studio to find out which ones
From 11am to 6pm.

Q. Is Tattooing a part of your life style ?
A. Yes i was born into the industry mate.

Q. What do you like/dislike about working with other artists ?
A. I like to exchange idea’s, keeping up with what’s new having a laugh,
I don’t like bad attitudes and rock stars that’s why i love working at Pretty in ink every one here is easy to work with.

Q. What type of machines do you use ?
A. A lot of my machines where made by my dad Greg Ardron I also use Mickey Sharps
But normally i use what ever machine is working the best on the day.

Q. What other artist inspire you and why ?
A. There are many amazing mind blowing artists around the world these days
i keep my mind opened to them all so i stay an all-round artist with many styles.

Q.Where do you get your inspiration from ?
A. From my clients of course, Its there idea’s i bring to life.
Also my daddy he taught me every thing i know.

Q. Where else have you worked ?
A. I started working at Sleeve masters when i was 15 years old with my farther
Greg Ardron i was there for over 10 years

Q. What do you do in your spare time ?
A. I use to paint one of pairs of shoes but it has become some what a full time job
So i don’t have any spare time any more

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