Reggae 's Artwork


Reggae is a gentle and very diverse artist who puts her heart and soul in to her tattooing and is one of our resident artists here at Pretty in Ink.

Reggae developed a love for art early in her high school years and is extremely dedicated to the art of tattooing.

Being a mum has taught her patience and hard work ethic.

She is open to all styles and ideas and executes them wonderfully. Her ability to make each tattoo design come to life on the skin is second to none.

Reggae is a well-rounded artist and enjoys tattooing anything from traditional style, watercolour, new school, tribal, script or intricate patterns and dotwork mandalas.

Specialty/Preferred Style:

Reggae enjoys tattooing anything pretty. She is extremely versatile in all styles.

Tattooing since:


Influences / Fave artists:

My mentor Bill Du who is one of Chinas best and well established Chinese traditional tattoo artist

What motivates her:

All other good artists motivate me and challenge me to do better.

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