Lee 's Artwork


Hi im Lee but you can call me ‘Leezy’

I’m a Sydney based Tattoo Artist and I have been tattooing since 2011. I have worked in a couple of tattoo studios over the past years gaining experience and learning different techniques.

I am currently working at Pretty In Ink – one of the best studios in Sydney.

I will never stop tattooing because it is my true passion. Just like my neck tattoo says ” Tattooing saved my life”

I specialise in colour but I don’t mind getting down with some black and grey pieces, script, realism or even cartoon style tattoos. I am an all-round artist with an open mind ready to give you the dream tattoo you’ve always wanted. I am a fun loving person and I’m here to make your experience enjoyable whether it’s your 1st tattoo or your 10th.

I use Eternal Inks which is vegan friendly, safe for the skin and holds its bright colour for years to come.

If you have some cool ideas and you want your next tattoo to look amazing, contact the shop today and ask for Lee! Peace out.

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